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NewsBook: Missouri Government News for the Week of March 7, 2005


. Workers' comp set for conference committee (03/10/05)

JEFFERSON CITY - A bill to tighten workers' compensation eligibility requirements will be heard in conference committee Monday and could finalize the measure as soon as Tuesday.

The measure, which includes a provision requiring workers to submit to a drug or alcohol test, has drawn opposition from Democrats and organized labor.

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. House passes abortion restriction bill (03/10/05)

JEFFERSON CITY - By a large majority, the House passed a bill that would make it illegal to help a minor get an abortion without parental consent.

The goal of the bill is to stop girls from going to Illinois to get abortions.

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    . Families with children on Medicaid might have to pony up some premiums (03/10/05)

    JEFFERSON CITY - A House appropriations committee has passed a modified version of Governor Blunt's Medicaid proposal. The House plan would restore some cuts to services for the elderly and disabled by creating a premium for families enrolled in Medicaid's insurance program for children, called CHIPS.

    The plan would also impact disabled Medicaid applicants and recipients. Disabled Missourians would be judged by a point-system designed to rate their level of disability.

    A few hours later, a Senate committee cleared for full Senate debate a companion measure that would make permanent cuts in Medicaid.

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    . Missouri's Senate approves a lawsuits limits bill. (03/10/05)

    JEFFERSON CITY - The Senate gave approval to a somewhat revised version of the House-passed bill to restrict liability lawsuits and lawsuit awards.

    The vote was along straight party lines.

    The measure now goes to a House-Senate conference committee. It is similar to the proposal vetoed by former Gov. Bob Holden last year.

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    . Wireless Internet now available in state Capitol (03/09/05)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Workers at the Capitol can now subscribe to a wireless network to access the Internet.

    Missouri House of Representatives provides the service.

    . House committee working on bill to prosecute out-of-state spammers as felons. (03/09/05)

    JEFFERSON CITY - James Klahr, from the Attorney General's office, said that it is necessary to make spamming a felony in order to give Missouri the legal right to prosecute out-of-state people who spam Missouri residents.

    The bill is modeled after a similar bill pioneered by Virginia state legislators.

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    . Missouri's Senate votes to make it easier for utility companies to raise rate. (03/08/05)

    JEFFERSON CITY - The Senate passed and sent to the House a measure that would allow for automatic rate increases by utility companies to reflect rising fuel costs.

    The adjustment formula would have to be approved by the agency that regulates utility rates, the Public Service Commission.

    The measure also would allow a similar automatic rate increase by utilities to cover costs for compliance of environmental orders.

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    . Joint committee passes proposed foundation formula (03/08/05)

    JEFFERSON CITY - After a lengthy debate, which drew the ire from some of the Republican members, the joint Senate-House committee assigned to fix the school's foundation formula passed its version Tuesday night.

    The proposal will be debated in House and Senate committees early next week.

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    . Governor's commission to increase state efficiency meets (03/08/05)

    JEFFERSON CITY - The commission assigned to provide recomendations to reorganize state government to Gov. Matt Blunt held its first meeting Tuesday morning.

    Blunt said he expects the recomendations will help his administration make state government more efficient.

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    . Missouri House rules crossing state lines for an abortion for a minor is illegal (03/08/05)

    JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri House voted Tuesday to make it illegal to transport a minor out of state to receive an abortion.

    The legislation also made changes to the regulations on physicians performing abortions as well as the laws in aiding a minor who is seeking an abortion.

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    . Cameras would catch drivers running red lights in St. Louis (03/08/05)

    JEFFERSON CITY - The new bill would install cameras at dangerous intersections in the city of St. Louis.

    It's the first program of its kind in Missouri.

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    . Missouri's Senate votes to let cops ticket beltless drivers. (03/07/05)

    JEFFERSON CITY - With virtually no debate, the Senate gave first-round approval to a measure that would let police stop drivers who are not wearing their seat belts -- called primary enforcement.

    Current law requires seat belt use, but police are prohibited from stopping a driver for not wearing a belt. A ticket for being beltless can be issued only if the driver has been stopped for some other reason.

    The Senate version also would prohibit trucks from being in the far left lane on multi-lane highways of

    . The state will not help maintain St. Louis City roads. (03/07/05)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Under the bill the Missouri Department of Transportation would pay for state roads running through St. Louis.

    A measure to have the state take financial responsibility for some of the city's roads was presented to a House committee Monday.

    The Transportation Department, however, said it did not have enough money to do it.

    . Hundreds gathered at the State Capitol to show opposition to Governor Blunt's proposed cuts to Medicaid (03/07/05)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Supporters and protestors spilled out into the hallway around a Senate hearing room Monday where a companion bill to Gov. Matt Blunt's proposed Medicaid cuts was heard before committee.

    The bill would eliminate coverage for expenses related to dental work, wheelchairs, eye care and podiatry.

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    . Debate set to begin on abortion regulation bill (03/07/05)

    JEFFERSON CITY - A proposed bill would make it illegal to help minors get an abortion, including helping them cross state lines.

    Minors need parental consent to get an abortion in Missouri, but not in Illinois

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    . Senate votes to tax Sex (03/07/05)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Republican Matt Bartle of Jackson County says Missouri's porn industry has thrived too much under what he says are laws that have fallen behind.

    The law initiates a five dollar admission tax and a 20% tax on gross receipts.

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    . Mental Health testifies before Senate Appropriations (03/07/05)

    JEFFERSON CITY - The Department of Mental Health's director testified before the Senate Appropriations committee Monday on the effects of Gov. Matt Blunt's proposed budget cuts.

    Outside, protestors cried against the reductions planned for Medicaid's budget.

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    . Blunt Appoints Gary Sherman as director of the Department of Social Services. (03/07/05)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Gov. Matt Blunt announced his choice to lead the Department of Social Services today.

    Gary Sherman is a Missouri Native currently working as chairman of the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Wyoming.

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