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NewsBook: Missouri Government News for the Week of September 13 2004


. Missouri's Democratic Party Accused Republicans of Felony Violations of Missouri election law. (09/16/04)

JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri Democratic Spokesman Steve Glorioso says Republicans violated election law by contacting absentee voters in order to influence their vote. Campaign committees can legally obtain voter lists, but contacting those voters to influence their vote is illegal. State Republican Spokesman Paul Sloca says Republicans haven't done anything illegal. Sloca says his party is only contacting people to encourage them to vote.

. Political Impact of Women on Statewide Ballot (09/16/04)

JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri voters have the power to elect women to five out of six statewide offices. Speaker of the House Catherine Hanaway says, despite this unprecedented number, gender will not have an impact on the outcome.

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    . State Auditor reports private information released on used computers (09/15/04)

    JEFFERSON CITY - The State Auditor's Office was able to retrieve private information using easily available software on computers being redistributed by state government offices. Auditors retrieved private data such as Social Security numbers, bank account information, and medical data.

    The agencies involved said they would fix the problem.

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    . Director of Missouri's Agricultural Statistics estimates a record year in state corn production. (09/15/04)

    JEFFERSON CITY - The Director of Missouri's Agricultural Statistics Gene Danekas says this summer's cool, wet weather boosted corn yields.

    Estimates show production could increase almost 40 percent from last year. Danekas expects a harvest of more than 400 billion bushels.

    . Senate upholds vetoed legislation to protect homeowners (09/15/04)

    JEFFERSON CITY - A veto session in the Missouri Senate upheld Gov. Holden's veto on legislation that would have reduced litigation between homebuilders and homeowners regarding faulty construction. Senate President Pro Tem Peter

    Kinder's motion to override a largely bipartisan piece of legislation failed by two votes.

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    . Mysterious bug bites in southern Missouri catch attention from CDC (09/15/04)

    JEFFERSON CITY - The Kansas Department of Health and Environment is working with the CDC to determine the cause of hundreds of reported human rashes in southern Kansas and Missouri.

    The investigation has just begun, but experts believe the rashes are the cause of bug bites.

    While there have been no hospitalizations, some people with the itchy bites called their doctors to get medication prescribed.

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    . Inmates getting moved from the oldest penitentiary west of the Mississippi. (09/15/04)

    JEFFERSON CITY - More than 1,000 inmates are being moved Wednesday from the Jefferson City penitentiary to a new facility just outside of town.

    For years, corrections officials have complained that the 170-year facility was deteroriating and had too many blind corners, making it more difficult to maintain security.

    For years, the facility was the site of the state's gas chamber.

    . Legislative leaders predict little controversy from Wednesday's veto session. (09/15/04)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri law makers return to the statehouse Wednesday for a short session to review eleven bills vetoed by the governor.

    But legislative leaders say there appear to be little chance of an override -- as opposed to last year when Holden suffered three overrides -- the most for any governor.

    The only possible issue is a measure that imposes restrictions on lawsuits against home builders.

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    . A senior legislator argues against the Amendment 3 ballot issue to end highway funding diversion. (09/14/04)

    JEFFERSON CITY - The senior member of Missouri's Senate has attacked a November ballot issue proposal that would assure that all gasoline taxes and motor vehicle sales taxes are used for highway purposes.

    The opposition comes from Sen. Wayne Goode, D-St. Louis County, who has served as chairman of both the House and the Senate budget committees during his more than three decades in the legislature.

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    . Lawmakers Plan for Annual Veto Session (09/14/04)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Lawmakers are preparing to meet Wednesday, September 15 for their annual veto session. Lawmakers expect minimal activity during the session. House speaker Catherine Hanaway says its unlikely lawmakers would override any of Governor Bob Holden's vetoes. However, in the Senate, Peter Kinder is looking for support for a bill he sponsored last session.