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Governor-elect Matt Blunt Announces Key Appointments

November 23, 2004
By: Katheryn Mohr
State Capital Bureau

JEFFERSON CITY - In a press conference earlier Tuesday, Governor-elect Matt Blunt announced appointments made to the Department of Revenue, the Public Service Commission and his gubernatorial staff.

Blunt announced his plans to nominate Trish Vincent as director of the Revenue Department.

Blunt said one of the most important state agencies is the Missouri Revenue Department because it effects every citizen of the state.

"The Department of Revenue is an area that we can improve customer service and work to be a better steward of Missouri tax dollars," Blunt said.

"Trish Vincent has demonstrated ability to do exactly that in the Missouri secretary of state's office, Blunt said. "She has been at the forefront of our efforts to acquire greater efficiency, to provide greater access to state government and to reduce costs to Missouri taxpayers," Blunt said.

Vincent has served as the deputy of secretary of state for business services for the past four years.

Blunt also announced his intention to appoint Public Service Commissioner Jeff Davis as chairman of the PSC.

Blunt said the members of the Public Service Commission are responsible for balancing the needs of Missouri's consumers with the needs of regulated utilities.

Blunt said the chairman should be somebody that is able to acquire and achieve a consensus an important and complicated matters that do effect the everyday lives of Missourians.

Davis was appointed to the commission by Gov. Bob Holden in April of 2004. Davis served as general counsel and chief of staff for Senate President Pro-Tem Peter Kinder before he joined the PSC.

Blunt also chose Chuck Pryor as his first appointment to his gubernatorial staff. Pryor was appointed to serve as Blunt's legislative director.

Blunt said if his administration is going to bring a real change to Missouri citizens not every change can occur in the executive branch of government.

"We need to bring Republicans and Democrats together in the Missouri General Assembly to work to overcome some of the challenges that we face as Missourians and I am committed to leading that effort," Blunt said.

"Chuck Pryor has demonstrated an ability to bring people together, Blunt said. "He is trusted and respected by members of both of the political parties and in both chambers of the Missouri General Assembly."

Pryor has worked as Blunt's legislative liason in the secretary of state's office for the past four years.

"I know that Chuck is up to the task of working with legislators from both political parties to effect real change and real reform on many different issues," Blunt said.

Blunt said he is pleased that Vincent, Davis and Pryor decided to take on these new positions.

"I am confident that Trish, Jeff and Chuck will help me work towards achieving a mandate of change that is needed throughout Missouri government and the state," Blunt said.